White Voices in America

Residents of the Tri-Cities of Ferrysburg, Grand Haven, and Spring Lake were jolted in May of 2005 when they found leaflets inviting them to an picnic sponsored by White Voices in America. Who? Say what?

The initial communities’ reaction was a public meeting. There were a lot of people there an some of t he discussion was heated. White Voices’ organizers were there and gave a good account of themselves.

The picnic itself wasn’t much of an event:

One of our sources says the picnic really wasn’t intended to be much, except to alert like-minded folks that Cory Traxler and friends were in the community. Traxler had done a short bid in prison, likely where he was schooled in white supremacy. A former official says that the prison system is a hotbed for recruiting…you either join up or are punked out. The old hands teach the short-timers what they need to know when they get out.