The Three Lakes Tavern Bombing

Was it the Klan? Or was it just jealousy? Or both? The infernal bomb mailed by killed Asa K. Bartlett. Blue Lake Township Supervisor and bar owner August Krubaech, his daughter Jeanette Krubaech, and her finance William “Oppie” Franke were killed in or shortly after the blast. That blast was Thursday May 27, 1926. Oppie and Jeanette were to have been married that Saturday.

For some background we interviewed Muskegon historian the late Mark Okkonen.

Here is the transcript of the interview with Mark Okkonen.

Evelyn Borgeson was Jeanette’s niece and Gus’ granddaughter. She recounts the event of a vast family tragedy.

Here is the transcript for the interview with Evelyn Borgeson.

In addition we have, and used with permission, The Muskegon Chronicle pages that highlighted the killings.

While they were never united in marriage, they were buried side by side.

Here are videographer Phil Blauw and then-student Dan Morrison filming in the cemetery.